The need for interim leadership often arises unexpectedly and can create periods of disruption and discontent among an organization. The Board might fear reduced revenues and missed guidance. Leadership might have concerns about operational or customer satisfaction issues. Employees might start to worry about the organization’s stability and where their future lies within it.

An Interim Leader can help to alleviate these concerns by quickly adding value in the following ways:


Since interim leaders are seasoned experts with years of experience, knowledge, and skills, they can swiftly evaluate risks and identify areas that require immediate change or improvement. This helps to ensure day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly and seamlessly.


These leaders provide unbiased guidance and a fresh perspective. With no preconceived notions, they can look outside the box to help organizations better align their goals with business outcomes, adapt to ongoing market changes, and provide an informed decision on future strategy.


Sometimes, critical pivots and tough decisions need to be made to achieve organizational objectives. Interim executives can facilitate those difficult discussions and enact urgent changes in a way that is less detrimental to overall company morale.


Interim leaders play a vital role in retaining skilled employees during periods of change or uncertainty. Not only do they bring a sense of consistency and support, but they also contribute fresh energy and specialized skills to help invigorate teams, maintain workforce engagement, and inspire growth.


Once embedded in an organization, interim leaders are well-equipped to articulate the ideal candidate for permanent hire. They participate in the hiring process, ensuring a seamless transition. They can also serve as coaches during the first 90 days to ensure quick success.

In summary, interim leaders bring significant value during times of transition. They can introduce fresh perspectives, enhance organizational efficacy, and significantly contribute to an organization’s success not only for today but for the future.

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